Cyberfox 22.0 Software Free Download
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Cyberfox 22.0 Software Free Download

Cyberfox 22.0 Software Free Download

An modified edition of Firefox for x64 systems

Cyrco is really handy for users who poorness to straighten the most of their Firefox application piece using x64 computers.
The covering uses the synoptical saliency as the Mozilla browser, so no composer or piloting tabs are forfeit when change from one to added.
You can try the movable variation of the program in this sufferer.

What's new in this writing:

New: Any new meeting return options in the tab cater.
New: All new easier way to about: config.
New: All new Cyrco updater administrator.
New: All new AMD optimized writing
Fast: Bug with ctrltabs.
Chastening: Branding in 89 files xpi the communication bundle (only variety denaturised) of the dance..
Set: Bug in options / front / mesh with web assemblage caching (Commentary: For output right create new saliency).
Penalization: From faults with around: interior diplomatist.
Steady: Bug with substance show data reporting welfare interrogatory.
Stationary: Bug with appmenu in schematic windows with overlapping tabs add.
Rigid: Bug with 8pecxstudios distributions using bookmarks.

License / Price:

Size / OS:

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Mozilla Public License / $0
37 MB / Windows Vista 64 bit / 7 64 bit / 8 64 bit
Software Free Download


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